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Nut Wizard®

The Nut Wizard® is also known as a nut gathering tool, nut gatherer, nut picker, nut roller, gum ball picker, nut picker-upper, basket nut tool, nut grabber, yard roller, walnut roller, walnut tool, nut tool, lawn sweeper, walnut rake, lawn whisk, nut collector, acorn rake, sweet gum ball rake, acorn gatherer, acorn picker upper, pecan picker upper, walnut picker upper, pecan retriever, and sticky ball collector.

The Nut Wizard® in a Nut Shell

Reduces bending, stooping, and straining

Easy to handle and operate

Available in five sizes to fit different objects

Includes an unloading frame for a
bucket or trash can

Weighs only 3 or 4 pounds, depending on size

Manufactured in the United States

Carries a one year warranty

Works in several inches of grass
and on uneven ground

Priced  $50 to $54, depending on size
Plus $12 for shipping
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Are you looking for something to pick up seeds and nuts in your yard, retrieve golf balls on the course, gather apples in your orchard, or pick up brass on the range? Designed with your needs in mind, the Nut Wizard® tool may be just the solution you need. Relax your muscles as you operate it with little or no force. Use a handle that fits your height so you never have to bend over. Invest in a tool that is durable and made in the United States, saving both your money and your back. Across the U.S. and abroad, Nut Wizard® tools are now a household essential, taking their place next to rakes, shovels, and brooms.          

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